Geography Lesson


Food Box

Local Partnerships

Fellowship participates in many different local or domestic partnerships, whether through a local food bank or sending supplies and goods to our troops serving overseas.  Our calling is to serve where we have been planted and to reach out compassionately to those in our sphere of influence that we have the opportunity to impact.


Global Partnerships

As a church, Fellowship partners with missionaries, and other local pastors sharing the Gospel abroad.  We link arms with those serving in this capacity through giving, prayer, and encouragement.  If you would like to know more about our partnerships, please contact Pastor Tim for more information.


Short Term Opportunities

One way that our church provides encouragement is through "going".  We spend time with our ministry partners on the ground.  These opportunities provide valuable support for our partners,  but they also provide a chance for others to experience God's work among other cultures.  

In June of  2022, we're headed back to the Dominican Republic to spend time with our partners on the ground in the city of Santiago.  For more information on this trip, or to participate, you can access the trip info sheet HERE.