Dates: July 12-16

Times: 3:00-6:00 pm

Cost: $25

Wild Week this year will be a little different than years past, but hey, 2021 has been a little strange already, right?!? The exciting thing is that this year we are expanding to include any students who will be entering into 6th-8th Grade in the Fall!!!

A lot of times we view habits as bad things we need to kick to the curb.  The dictionary defines a habit as a "tendency or practice that is hard to give up".  What if we thought about creating some new habits. Faith habits.  Habits that would help us draw closer to Jesus.  Habits that would help us look like Jesus.

During Wild Week 2021, we are going to be challenging our students to develop five significant habits aimed at helping us know Him better:
-Connecting with God

-Listening to God
-Talking with God
-Talking about God
-Worshiping God


Wild Week runs Monday-Friday the week of July 12-16th and is open to all students who will be in 6th-8th grade in the fall of 2021.

This summer, Wild Week will go from 3-6 pm and will include:
-Large Group Worship & Bible Lesson
-Small-Group Time (in grade-specific groups)
-Special Activity- Each day will be different!
-Rec. & Games- Something to get them moving around outside!

The cost for Wild Week is $25 per student.